Military Armoured Vehicles

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Heia Safari - The Afrikakorps

PzKpfw IV and PzKpfw III of the Africa Corps

Price incl. VAT: 159 €

Holding the Line

Michael Wittmann's Tiger Tank

Price incl. VAT: 150 €
Currently not available

Peiper's Last Advance

A King Tiger providing cover during the Battle of the Bulge ...

Price incl. VAT: 171 €
Currently not available

The Cold Front - Artist signed Edition

Focke Wulf 190A and German Tanks in the Russian Winter ...

Price incl. VAT: 171 €

The Desert Fox

Rommel at El-Alamein

Price incl. VAT: 101 €

Typhoon Fury

R.C.A.F Typhoons

Price incl. VAT: 267 €

Wings of War

Wings of War - Aviation Art and Military Art by Anthony ...

Price incl. VAT: 56 €

Wittmann's Tiger at Kursk

Wittmann's Tiger 1 and Rudel's Stukas at the beginning of ...

Price incl. VAT: 220 €

Wittmann's Tiger I in Villers Bocage

Wittmann's Tiger I readies for an attack on the British 7th ...

Price incl. VAT: 220 €