Naval Art

Naval Art


Bismarck into Battle

Battleship Bismarck leaves Grimstadfjord in May 1941

Price incl. VAT: 175 €

Break Out

Battleship Bismarck with Me-109 Escort

Price incl. VAT: 126 €
Unfortunately sold out!

Celebration of Sail - The Marine Art of Roy Cross

Die Marinemalerei von Roy Cross

Price incl. VAT: 59 €

Eismeer Patrol

Battleship Tirpitz with Fw-190 Escort

Price incl. VAT: 126 €

Flying Cloud

American Clipper Flying Cloud at Hong Kong, May 1860

Price incl. VAT: 219 €


Junkers Ju-88 C-6, U-Boat

Price incl. VAT: 114 €

Knights Move

Battleship Tirpitz with Messerschmitt Me-109 Escort

Price incl. VAT: 249 €

Offshore Bombardment

The heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen shelling Russian shore ...

Price incl. VAT: 256 €

Oporto Call

Aviators also like port wine

Price incl. VAT: 121 €

Peaceful Anchorage

Cruisers SMS Nuernberg, Dresden, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst

Price incl. VAT: 219 €
Currently not available

Sea Wolves

Captain Erich Topp steers U-552 towards St Nazaire

Price incl. VAT: 171 €

Sighting the Bismarck

The discovery of Battleship Bismarck in the North Atlantic

Price incl. VAT: 256 €

The Art of Roy Cross

A selection of Paintings and Drawings by Artist Roy Cross

Price incl. VAT: 71 €