Guardians of the Atlantic Wall

FW190A-5’s from 9/JG2 Richthofen passing Mont St. Michel
Guardians of the Atlantic Wall, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 aviation art print by John YoungGuardians of the Atlantic Wall © John Young
‘Guardians of the Atlantic Wall’ by John Young depicts a flight of the Luftwaffe’s “wolves” sweeping along the French coast seeking evidence of any incoming threat from across the channel, or even a chance engagement. Led by Oblt. “Sepp” Wurmheller, FW190A-5’s from 9/JG2, the “Richthofen Jagdgeschwader,” patrol the beach at Normandy’s Mont St. Michel on a summer day in 1943. By this time some of the fortification of the French coast had been completed for Hitler’s “Atlantic Wall.” In a vain attempt to build a fortified barrier to the West, the Todt Organization put in place some 17.3 million cubic yards of concrete and 1.2 million tons of steel between 1942 and 1944.

The Focke-Wulf 190 was a formidable fighter aircraft and in the hands of a skilled pilot it could be more than a match for any Spitfire or Mustang. Like many good aircraft, the FW190 went through a series of modifications and improvements, increasing its performance and broadening its mission applications.
Limited Edition
  • 650 signed and numbered by the Artist
Published 1988
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