Shock at Shadow Valley

RCAF Mosquitos
Shock at Shadow Valley, RCAF Mosquito aviation art print by Robert BaileyRCAF Mosquito Kunstdruck von Robert Bailey
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Shock at Shadow Valley, RCAF Mosquito Luftfahrt-Kunstdruck von Robert BaileyShock at Shadow Valley © Robert Bailey
In this aviation art print by Robert Bailey, RCAF Mosquitos of 418 Squadron (City of Edmonton) strike a munitions train and depot in S.E. Germany during March 1945. Troops run for cover as the sound of screaming Merlin engines echo from the pine-clad valley walls. The aircrews race for home, leaving chaos behind them!

Limited Edition
  • 200 Studio Edition Signed by the artist only
  • 80 Limited Edition with FOUR co-signatures
  • 30 Artist’s Proofs with FIVE co-signatures
  • 10 Remarqued Edition with FIVE co-signatures. Individually remarqued
  • 20 Aircrew Edition (not for sale)
Prints are signed by RAF and RCAF Mosquito flight crews.
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