R-Bar over Bielefeld

B-24 Liberator Bombers encounter Messerschmitt Me-262 over Bielefeld

R-Bar Over Bielefeld, B-24 and Me 262 aviation art print by Jim LaurierR-Bar Over Bielefeld © Jim Laurier
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R-Bar over Bielefeld, B-24 und Me 262 Luftfahrtkunst von Jim LaurierR-Bar over Bielefeld © Jim Laurier
The aviation art print 'R-Bar over Bielefeld' by Jim Laurier depicts B-24’s of the 489th BG, which were sent to destroy the railroad marshalling yards at Bielefeld Germany on 2 November 1944. The Liberators were met by the
new German jet fighters, the Messerschmitt Me-262. This was the 489th's first encounter with the Me-262.
  • 750 Limited Edition, signed and numbered by the Artist
  • 100 Artist's Proof, signed and numbered by the Artist
  • 50 Giclée prints on canvas, signed and numbered by the Artist (Image size ca. 66 cm x 91 cm + ca. 2.5 cm border)
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