Oporto Call

Aviators also like port wine

Oporto Call - An old british biplane and port wine- art with a sense of humor by Chris BazeleyOporto Call © Chris Bazeley
Oporto Call - Ein alter britischer Doppeldecker und Portwein - Kunst mit Humor von Chris BazeleyOporto Call © Chris Bazeley
Oporto Call is a nice little aviation art print by Chris Bazeley. The image shows a Rabelo boat belonging to the 'Quinta do Noval Winery' near the village of Pinhão, offering their world famous port wine to residents on the banks of the Douro River. The Rabelo is a traditional Portuguese wooden cargo boat that was often used by wine companies located in the Douro Valley to transport their port wine along the Douro river to the city of Porto, which is also known as Oporto in English.

Pinhão means Pinion in English and Chris' artwork also shows a 'pinioned' old biplane. A pinion is the outer part of a bird's wing including the flight feathers. And pinioning is the act of surgically removing one pinion joint, the joint of a bird's wing farthest from the body, in order to prevent that poultry flies away.

Limited Edition
  • 200 signed and numbered by the Artist
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