F-104G Starfighter - Artist’s Proof

F-104G Starfighter of the Luftwaffe

F-104G Starfighter of the Luftwaffe - Aviation Art by Michael RondotF-104G-Starfighter © Michael Rondot
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F-104G Starfighter der Luftwaffe - Luftfahrtkunst von Michael RondotF-104G Starfighter © Michael Rondot
The legendary Lockheed F-104G ‘Starfighter’ has gained a fearsome reputation unparalleled by any post-war combat aircraft. Since its introduction to front-line service with the Federal German Luftwaffe in 1961 it has been surrounded by controversy and scandal. In the early 1960’s, when the loss rate was one about every ten days, the aircraft was variously described as ‘The Widow Maker’ and ‘The Flying Coffin’. In fact, the Starfighter’s long term safety record compares favourably with other advanced high-performance aircraft, and the F-104G overcame its early troubles to become one of the finest Interceptor, Strike/Attack and Recce aircraft of its generation.

Originally designed as a pure high-level Interceptor by Clarence ‘Kelly’ Johnson at the famous Lockheed ‘Skunk Works’, the F-104G Starfighter was adapted to fulfil every front-line role, and was operated by fifteen different Air Forces. At the height of its career with the Luftwaffe the Starfighter was flown by five Fighter Bomber, two Interceptor, two Reconnaissance and two Training Wings.

In this powerful portrayal the F-104G Starfighter is shown taking off in full afterburner on a typically dark and forbidding day in Germany. The artist, MICHAEL RONDOT, a specialist in military aircraft subjects, has captured the classic lines of ‘Kelly’ Johnson's beautiful design. The print was published to mark the 25th Anniversary (1961 - 1986) and twilight of service for this remarkable aircraft in a limited edition of signed and numbered fine-art copies.
Limited Edition
  • 450 signed and numbered, including 100 copies signed by General Johannes Steinhoff (sold out)
  • 50 Artist's Proof - printed on heavy cotton paper stock using the latest high-definition giclée press, each copy is individually signed and numbered and has an original Starfighter unit badge drawing added to the print border. For something really special, pencil remarque drawings can be added to the print border featuring any F-104 squadron aircraft and badge.
  • 10 Giclée on Canvas, individually produced to order. Standard image size ca. 76 cm x 46 cm (larger size available on request)
Overall Height ca.
Overall Width ca.