Erich Rudorffer Tribute

Erich Rudorffer of JG54 flying his FW190 over the Caucasus 1943
Erich Rudorffer Tribute - FW190 JG54 Aviation Art by Nicolas TrudgianErich Rudorffer Tribute © Nicolas Trudgian
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Erich Rudorffer Tribute - FW190 JG54 Luftfahrtkunst von Nicolas TrudgianErich Rudorffer Tribute © Nicolas Trudgian
Stormbird over Berlin - Me262 und Flying Fortress Bomber über Berlin - Luftfahrtkunst von Nicolas TrudgianStormbird over Berlin © Nicolas Trudgian
Abschussbestätigung des Oberkommandos der Luftwaffe für Erich RudorfferErich Rudorffer Tribute - Original Abschußbestaetigung
The art print 'Erich Rudorffer Tribute' by aviation artist Nicolas Trudgian offers the unique opportunity in the history of aviation art to acquire an original aerial victory confirmation from Erich Rudorffer's personal property together with the art print. The fading sun makes Rudorffer's Focke Wulf glimmer in golden colors over the ice-bound battlefield. The colorful aviation art print recalls the glittering career of one of the world's greatest fighter pilots who, as commander of the II / JG54, fought in his FW190 in late 1943 over the bitterly cold, war-torn landscape of the Caucasus.

Before he passed away in 2016, Erich Rudorffer supplied a limited number of his aerial victory confirmations from his personal collection. Collectors will be given the opportunity to purchase these high-quality documents together with a copy of the art print. The victory confirmations are presented together with the 'Rudorffer Archive Edition'.

A small number of this art print is also available with Nicolas Trudgian's world famous Remarques as well as a 'Giclee Print on Canvas'.
Each limited edition, with the exception of the reproduction on canvas, is delivered together with the pencil print "STORMBIRD OVER BERLIN", which depicts Erich Rudorffer in a Me-262 jet as he intercepts a "Flying Fortress" bomber formation of the USAAF during the final weeks of the Second World War over Berlin. The sheet format of the additional print is approx. 39 cm x 29 cm.
  • 224 Limited Edition (Artist's Special Reserve Edition) signed by the artist only.
  • 224 Victory Edition, signed by Erich Rudorffer and the artist Will be delivered together with the reproduction of the pencil drawing 'Stormbird over Berlin'.
  • 15 Victory Remarques, signed by Erich Rudorffer and the artist plus Remarque* by the artist on the picture edge. Comes with the reproduction of the pencil drawing 'Stormbird over Berlin'.
  • 30 Giclée on Canvas, reproduced in the format of the original painting (approx. 91 cm x 61 cm). Signed and numbered in paint by the artist Nicolas Trudgian.
  • Rudorffer Archive Edition, signed by Erich Rudorffer and the artist. These art prints are delivered together with an original aerial victory confirmation issued by the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe to Erich Rudorffer. The number  of the art print corresponds to the number of the air victory confirmation. Also included is a pencil print 'Stormbird over Berlin', signed by the artist and Erich Rudorffer, as well as a signed color photo of Erich Rudorffer from the post-war era in A4 format. This edition is available from approximately 1250 euros upwards. The price depends on the air victory confirmation. (The numbers with victory certificates from the Battle of Britain are almost sold out a few days after the release)
* These copies are provided with an original pencil drawing by the artist. The size is usually about 12 x 5 cm.
Published 2017
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