Destination Tokyo

Doolittle's B-25 Mitchell after being launched from USS Hornet

Destination Tokyo - Doolittle's B-25 startet von der USS Hornet, Luftfahrtkunst von Anthony SaunersDestination Tokyo © Anthony Saunders
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Destination Tokyo - Doolittle's B-25 launched from USS Hornet, Aviation Art by Anthony SaundersDestination Tokyo © Anthony Saunders
The aviation art print 'Destination Tokyo' by Anthony Saunders portrays the dramatic moment that Lt Col Jimmy Doolittle lifts his B-25 off the pitching deck of the USS Hornet. Having timed his launch to perfection he climbs steeply away, ready to adjust his compass bearing for a direct course to Tokyo. On the sodden deck behind him the crews of the remaining 15 aircraft, whose engines are warmed up, ready and turning, will quickly follow their commanding officer into the murky sky.

Limited Edition:
  • 100 numbered prints, signed by Lieutenant Colonel Edward J. Saylor, DFC AFCM with 2 Oak Clusters, Flight engineer and gunner on Plane #15 and the Artist.
  • 250 Collector's Edition, signed as above, plus signatures of Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Cole, DFC with 2 Oak Clusters, Air Medal with 1 Oak Cluster, Bronze Star, AFCM, Co-pilot of raid leader Jimmy Doolittle on Plane #1.
    Aviation Machinist 1st Class George H. Maynor, USS Hornet Plane Captain involved in preparing the aircraft for the raid.
  • 25 Collector's Edition Artist's Proofs, signed as above.
  • 25 Remarques, signed as above.
  • 10 Double-Remarques, signed as above.
  • 75 Giclée Studio Proofs, signed by the artist and stamped and hand numbered and titled on the back. Overall canvas size ca. 91 cm x 61 cm.

    Published April 2017
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