Delayed Departure

Me-110 Night Figther and Mosquito
Delayed Departure, Me-110 and Mosquito aviation art by Robert BaileyDelayed Departure © Robert Bailey
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Delayed Departure, Me-110 und Mosquito Luftfahrtkunst von Robert BaileyDelayed Departure © Robert Bailey
This aviation art print by Robert Bailey depicts a Messerschmitt 110 night fighter which has been unfortunate to cross swords with a Mosquito night intruder over Germany during the closing years of World War II. The German aircraft had just taken off from its base when it was gunned down into a railroad siding. As German railguards assist the hapless pilot from his seat, the victorious Mosquito makes a low pass.


F/Lt. Dallas Schmidt, DFC, RCAF
W/O Stan G. Reynolds, RCAF
F/Lt. Cliff Rhind, RCAF

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