Coastal Conflict

Fw-190 and Spitfire
Fw-190 and Spitfire aviation art print by Robert BaileyCoastal Conflict © Robert Bailey
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Fw-190 und Spitfire Luftfahrtkunst von Robert BaileyCoastal Conflict © Robert Bailey
This art print is a UNIQUE release, due to the rarity of the prominent Czech signatures and several previously unseen Luftwaffe signatures. June 3, 1942. F/Lt. F. Perina of 312 Squadron (Czechoslovak) RAF adds two victories to his score of FW-­190′s over Cherbourg, France. RAF Boston Bombers attack the docks at Cherbourg, France, escorted by Czechoslovak Spitfires. Suddenly, about 25 Luftwaffe fighters dive into the attack! The art print is signed by czech and german WWII fighter pilots.

Limited Edition
  • 100 Limited Edition with FIVE co-signatures
  • 30 Artist’s Proofs with SIX co-signatures (including Gen. F. Perina)
  • 100 Group Edition with SEVENTEEN co-signatures
  • 100 Combatants Edition with EIGHT co-signatures
  • 20 Remarqued Edition with ONE co-signature (Gen .F. Perina). Individually remarqued
  • 200 Studio Edition signed by the artist only
  • 100 Crew Edition. Not for sale by publisher
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