Almost Home

P-51D Mustangs from 352nd Fighter Group

Almost Home, P-51D Mustangs from 352nd FG - Aviation Art by Jim LaurierAlmost Home © Jim Laurier
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Almost Home, P-51D Mustang der 352 FG, Luftfahrt-Kunstdruck von Jim LaurierAlmost Home © Jim Laurier
The aviation art print 'Almost Home' by Jim Laurier is a tribute to the 352nd Fighter Group, which depicts a 'combat out' or loose formation of 352nd P-51D Mustangs crossing the coast of France over the English Channel on their way home to Bodney, England. They were known as 'The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney'. To the Luftwaffe, they were probably simply known as 'trouble'. The 352d Fighter Group was one of the most highly decorated USAAF Fighter Groups in World War II, producing many leading aces of the war. It was composed of the 328th, 486th and 487th Fighter Squadron. Once deployed to the European Theater of Operations, the group was eventually headquartered in Bodney, England before being forward deployed to Belgium. It performed a variety of missions for the Eighth Air Force, but predominantly served as bomber escort. During WWII the 352nd flew 420 missions, 59,387 operational combat hours, destroyed 776 enemy aircraft and had 29 aerial aces.

Among the group of Mustangs shown are
  • Maj. George E. Preddy Jr.  in  “ Cripes A’ Mighty (26.3 victories)
  • Capt. Edwin L. Heller in “Hell-er Bust” (5.5 victories)
  • Lt. Col. John C. Meyers in “Petie 2nd”’ (24 victories)
  • Capt. William T. Whisner in “Moonbeam McSwine” (15.5 victories)
Limited Edition
  • 500 Giclée prints on archival paper, signed and numbered by the Artist
  • 50 Giclée prints on canvas, signed and numbered by the Artist (Image Size ca. 56 cm x 86 cm + ca. 2.5 cm border)
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