A Second of Fright

Messerschmitt Bf 109 over the Sahara

A Second of Fright - Messerchmitt Bf 109 original painting by Heinz Krebs A Second of Fright © Heinz Krebs
Schrecksekunde - Messerschmitt Bf 109 Original Gemälde von Heinz KrebsSchrecksekunde © Heinz Krebs
The aviation art painting ‘A Second of Fright’ by Heinz Krebs shows very nice front view of the Me 109 in flight. The snout with the big propeller, which seems almost clumsy from this point of view, gives the impression, that the plane would fly out of the picture in the next moment. But Heinz Krebs would not be Heinz Krebs, if he would be satisfied with that already. He shifts the already dynamic scenario into the realm of extreme low flying and thus cleverly creates reference points for the eye, which emphasize the inherent speed and movement of this image even more. It is also typical that he enlivens his work again with people, in this case certainly not unintentionally members of the Bedouin tribes, who live in the Sahara and whose waving robes add a little extra drama to the action.

Orignial Painting
  • Oil on wood, signed by the artist at lower left
Image Height ca.
Image Width ca.