Alfredo De la Maria Biography

Alfredo De la Maria Biography

The artist Alfredo De la Maria was born in mid-1940 in the Republic of Uruguay. He concurrently studied art and architecture at the Fine Arts School in Montevideo.

Barry Rowe Biography

Barry Rowe - Short Biography

Barry Rowe received his formal training at the College of Art in Coventry. His career as a professional artist began when he received the prestigious and coveted art award

Chris Bazeley Biography

Chris Bazeley Biography

Chris Bazeley was born in Bournemouth in 1944, the second son of an electronics engineer, he contracted Polio at the age of thirteen months. An over-active imagination in an under-active body produced an eye for detail and a creativity

Claus Friedl Wuelfing Biography

Claus Friedl Wuelfing Short Biography

Claus Friedl Wuelfing was born in Cologne, Germany in December 1937 and has had a keen interest in aviation since he first visited his

Colin Carter Biography

Colin Carter - About the Artist

Colin Carter is one of the most sought after contemporary automotive artists. Based in the UK, Colin`s original oil paintings and limited edition

Heinz Krebs Biography

Heinz Krebs † About the Artist

Heinz Krebs was raised and lived in Southern Germany where he operated his commercial graphic arts studio during the day and spent most of his free time either flying or painting.