Taylor, Robert


The Wolfpack

P-47 Thunderbolts escorting B-24 Liberators towards Bremen

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

The Road to the Rhine

C-47 Dakotas dropping Paratroopers into Holland

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

The Puttalam Elephants

F4U Corsair Flight Operations in Ceylon 1942

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

The Long Short Days

Messerschmitt Bf 109Gs from III./JG26 returning to their ...

Price incl. VAT: 228 €

The Greatest Day - The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain 15. September 1940

Price incl. VAT: 243 €

The Blond Knight

Erich Hartmann climbs out of his Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 of ...

Price incl. VAT: 248 €

The Battle for Britain

Spitfire attack on a Me-109 in the Battle of Britain

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

Target Bearing 270

Avro Lancaster - Attack on the Tirpitz

Price incl. VAT: 238 €


Ju-87 Stukas over the Mediterranean

Price incl. VAT: 365 €

Struggle for Supremacy - Giclée Studio Proof

Robert Foy of the 363rd Fighter Squadron attacks a Bf-109 ...

Price incl. VAT: 611 €

Strike and Strike Again

Beaufighters after an attack on German Navy units

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

Stormbirds Rising - Limited Edition

Messerschmitt Me 262 of of III./JG7 over the River Havel ...

Price incl. VAT: 267 €

Steinhoff Tribute

Johannes Steinhoff with his Me-109E over the White Cliffs ...

Price incl. VAT: 406 €

Special Duties

Junkers Ju 52 of 2nd Luftflotte and Me 109 of JG53

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

Skipper comes Home

B-17 Flying Fortress

Price incl. VAT: 238 €

Sighting the Bismarck

The discovery of Battleship Bismarck in the North Atlantic

Price incl. VAT: 243 €
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