Moss Maserati

Stirling Moss in his Maserati 250F wins the Monaco Grand Prix 1956

Moss Maserati 250F, 1956 Monaco Grand Prix, Motorsport art print by Nicholas WattsMoss Maserati © Nicholas Watts
Moss Maserati 250F, Grand Prix von Monaco 1956, Motorsport Kunstdruck von Nicholas WattsMoss Maserati © Nicholas Watts
The motorsport art print 'Moss Maserati' by Nicholas Watts depicts Stirling Moss driving his Maserati 250F in the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix. Sterling Moss secured second place on the grid in practice behind Juan Manuel Fangio on pole position in the Ferrari D50. Starting Positions three and four were occupied by Castellotti's Ferrari and Behra's Maserati. Moss and Castellotti overtook Fangio in the first lap and then fought a duel in which Moss kept the lead and Fangio overtook Castellotti again. This duel allowed Moss to extend his lead to more than five seconds in the first lap.

On lap 54 Collins was ordered to hand over his car to Fangio who did hit the straw bales on lap 2 and bent a rear wheel on lap 32 when he hit the harbour wall. Thirty laps before the end of the race Fangio overtook Behra again and was 45 seconds behind Moss. In lap 86, Moss in the lead collided during the lapping of Perdisa and suffered slight damage to the car. One of the bonnet holders was destroyed, so that it lifted slightly in some curves. Moss reduced his speed significantly in the last laps, so that Fangio made up two seconds per lap, but did not catch up with the leader. Moss won the second Grand Prix of his career six seconds ahead of Fangio.

Limited Edition
  • 50 Giclée prints, individually signed by Stirling Moss and the Artist.
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